Experience Economy Tourism Examples -1st new trend for those who love to travel

Experience Economy Tourism

In the journey to discover tourist maps around the world, you cannot ignore experience economy tourism examples. This type of tourism helps you get new, interesting experiences, practical knowledge and bring positive energy. Visitors will be immersed in the normal daily life of indigenous people. Experience economy tourism examples travel is an extremely attractive trend for those who love to explore. What is this different type of tourism and what should be noted? Join us to explore all kinds of Experience Economy Tourism Examples – 1st new trend for those who love to travel.

1. What is the Experience Economy Tourism Examples?

Experience Economy Tourism Examples

Experience Economy Tourism Examples is also known as the Experience Tourism. This is a form of tourism that focuses on the experiences of each visitor. Whether it’s solo or group travel, you can learn new things, discover local culture and cuisine.

2. The difference between experience economy tourism examples and other types of travel

experience economy tourism examples
  • Instead of staying in a hotel, homestay or resort, you will be staying at the local people’s house
  • Instead of eating at restaurants or eateries, you will eat with locals at their home
  • Instead of just walking through the landmarks, you will discover more deeply the identity, culture and stories of each region.
  • Instead of going for a few days, the time you will stay longer, maybe a week, a month or longer

3. The current experience economy tourism examples trends

Nowadays, experiential tourism is becoming a favorite trend of many tourists. Not only young people but also many families also love to choose this form of tourism.

3.1 Travel experiences for students

experience economy tourism examples
Current student experience tours are tours organized by schools or language centers in cooperation with travel companies. Tours are usually divided according to age, from kindergarten, primary to high school. Depending on the age, there will be different activities to experience, explore and develop physically.
Some popular activities in the experience tour for students such as: experiencing the lives of farmers, trying out folk games and sports activities, visiting monuments, museums , participating in summer courses… These experiential tours will help students get exposed to extremely practical knowledge about daily life, which is difficult to obtain in the digital age.
3.2 Experience economy tourism examples agriculture
Experience economy tourism examples
Agricultural tourism is also a fairly hot experience trend recently. Agricultural tourism contributes to economic development in rural areas.
Coming to this type of tourism, you will learn about plants and animals, visit agricultural farms, cultivate, harvest vegetables and fruits by themselves and enjoy the sweet fruits. In addition, you can also participate in bustling events on farms such as sunflower festival, vegetable harvest festival, fishing contest, tea picking contest …

4. Suggest a tourist destination to experience economy tourism examples in Vietnam.

4.1 Travel experience in the West

Traveling to the Southwestern region and becoming a genuine garden farmer is sure to be a heart stopping experience for all visitors. The western part of the river is famous for its busy floating markets such as Phong Dien, Cai Be, Cai Rang, Tra On, and Long Xuyen. Along with people buying and selling in the bustling atmosphere at the floating market is a unique culture that you can hardly find in another locality.
There are also ancient beautiful shimmering temples (Bon Face, Tay An, Vinh Trang, Ta Pa) and large flower villages (Cai Mon, Sa Dec, My Tho) and delicious fruit gardens. language (Cai Mon, Cai Be, My Khanh). Hand picking the ripe fruit and enjoying it at the garden will make you forget the way back.
4.2 Experience economy tourism examples the Northwest in spring
experience economy tourism
In spring, the Northwest mountainous provinces usually have a fresh and extremely cool climate. Tet comes, spring comes, the Northwest has a poetic, lyrical beauty like a teenage girl.
You will admire the splendid natural paintings woven from the colors of flowers: crimson peach blossoms, pristine white plum blossoms, red rice flowers, poetic azaleas. Tourists coming to experience tourism in the Northwest also have the opportunity to enjoy the unique and exotic fruits only here such as Ta Van red plum, Thanh mai, cat apple, forest peach. Sipping a glass of cider and cat cider with indigenous people and enjoying kitchen buffalo meat will help you understand more about the culture and people of the Northwest.
Spring Northwest is the season of unique festivals organized by the ethnic minorities here. Participating in folk games, dancing with the mountain girls in khèn, the sound of gongs that can only be seen through movies before now will be a very memorable memory.

5. What are the benefits of experience economy tourism examples?

  • Bringing “new horizons”
Participating in experiential tours will help you escape from everyday life, to new lands, meet new people, and enjoy new foods. Travel experience in this form will make you broaden your horizons, discover many interesting things in real life. Let’s go to see how vast and rich this world is!
experience economy tourism examples
  • Create positive energy, spark inspiration
Are you reeling from the chaos in your life or feeling too depressed or tired? Try this new kind of experience travel!. It could be an experience tour of Da Lat, an experiential tour near Hanoi or anywhere else. A long trip, changing your accommodation will make your soul more relaxed and at ease. This unique travel experience will help you like a reset of your life, inspire you to be ready to return to work and study.

6. Notes to have the safest experience economy tourism examples. 

Tourism examples is a form of sustainable tourism that needs to be maintained and promoted. To have a safe and enjoyable travel, there are a few points to keep in mind:
  • Learn carefully about where you want to go: Researching in advance will help you not be confused about the people, way of life, communication or culture here. This is a very important factor, directly affecting your travel experience.
  • Because it is a long trip, you need to carefully prepare the necessary supplies. Examples include personal belongings, clothing, medicine, and identification.
  • Prepare compass, map if you go to the mountainous areas. Not every place has phone waves for you to look up Google Maps.