Hyland Headphones Review: Hyland Saturn One

Hyland Headphones Review: Hyland Saturn One

The Hyland Saturn One is a handcrafted, artisanal headphone created in the United Kingdom — from just outside London – by experienced craftsman Alex Hyland and his company, Hyland Headphones. The headphones are designed with a Grado-inspired look, but that is simply for show: the sound is delightfully controlled and very well manufactured, as many would hope from artisanal earphones. The few jagged spots are worthwhile to cope with. In this article, we will share “Hyland Headphones Review: Hyland Saturn One”, let’s find out right now!

Packaging, construction quality, and accessories

Packaging, construction quality, and accessories
Packaging, construction quality, and accessories
Alex handcrafts the Saturn One; instead of elaborate retail packaging, his headphones arrive in a wooden cardboard sleeve with the company emblem carved on the lid. This, in my opinion, is an excellent way of safeguarding the headphones while also providing a premium sense to the entire box when you receive them.

Design and Convenience

The Saturn One was created after testing with Grado headphones and it reflects in their final version. Although it is unique, the design is evocative of Grado devices, with a basic headband and large foam cushioning in the wooden cups. The cups are quite big, and the foam cushioning is large enough just to wrap the whole head; the conical form prevents it from immediately touching the pinnae. The Hyland Saturn One open-back headphones include a metal mesh on the outside of the cups.
A gimbal, to which the headpiece is linked, connects the glasses and the headband. A series of holes punched in the gimbals allow the headband to be adjusted to match the requirements of the head.
Design and Convenience
Hyland Headphones Review: Design and Convenience
The cups are crafted from solid wood that has been chopped and carved to form. The wood is salvaged, as is the cowhide of the headpiece, thus the Saturn One may be described as ecological and sourced locally in addition to being handcrafted. Despite the fact that the materials are recycled, the construction quality is excellent, and the headphones seem robust and well put all together.
The felt and leather headband is manufactured by wrapping a stainless steel headband with felt and suede. This has an impact on comfort, since persons with sensitive scalps, such as me, may find the Hyland Saturn One unpleasant during extended listening sessions. “Normal” persons, on the other hand, may find the Hyland Saturn One quite comfortable because of its small weight.
In fact, with a little additional padding, the Saturn One may be among the most pleasant earphones on the market at the moment now, as the cups fit around the head without resting on the petiole and never become hot. The four-core cable is very firm — it’s nowhere near the softness of, say, the Yinyoo 8-core SPC cable or the standard cable that goes with the Sennheiser HD 650.

Hyland Headphones Review: SoundSpe

Lows: The Saturn One’s lows are powerful yet well balanced; there is a strong impact with toms although kick beats can be a tad light at times. Articulation is excellent, and the bass lines are smooth and simple to follow. These are not subwoofer lights; instead, they are more neutral in number, allowing finer detail to show through. The beautiful thing about this is that the declines may come out when needed without overpowering the equilibrium condition of the music.
Hyland Headphones Review: Sound
Midrange: This is an expansive and detailed mids with an outstanding tone that is neither too warm nor too chilly. Although the layering is stunning, the center picture is not the most concentrated. These feature a more expansive sound, which is wonderful for placing, but they can lose focus at times. Overall, the midrange has a nice volume of air and detail, and the tone is what shines out. Amy Lee’s vocals are pitch flawless throughout Evanescence’s My Immortal.
Highs: A crisp and clear top end which never gets irritating or fatiguing. It has the potential to stretch nicely and fade slowly without sliding off too abruptly. There is plenty of energy up top, yet it is distributed evenly to prevent tiredness. I can’t exactly blame the top end, besides a slight graininess.
The separation is excellent, as are the sound staging capabilities, with considerable width and height while maintaining a reasonably dynamic and up-front sound. PRAT does one thing extremely well: they can keep up with everything you put at them.


The Saturn One is a pretty nice-looking pair of headphones with a unique DIY vibe that makes them quite attractive. However, appearance isn’t everything with these earphones, since the sound quality is simply excellent. Nothing is excessively harsh or abrasive, yet they are also neither bloated nor uncontrolled due to the excellent frequency balance. They have a captivating but tonally matched sound that is a lot of fun to listen to. Each pair is distinct, and I would gladly suggest them to anybody seeking something a little unusual.