Immi Go Car Seat Review: Safe and Portable

Immi Go Car Seat Review: Safe and Portable

The IMMI Go is a one-of-a-kind seat that solves several of the most frequent car seat issues. It is portable, simple to set up, and performs well in small places. However, the same qualities that make it so amazing have certain restrictions that make it not the greatest seat for every kid or every car. We hope that our Immi Go Car Seat Review has given you all of the information you need to decide whether this wonderful seat is appropriate for you!

Overview of Immi Go Car Seat

Immi Go Car Seat Review
Immi Go Car Seat Review
The IMMI Go is a hybrid seat, which means it has the benefits of both a forward-facing strapped seat and a booster seat. While most combination seats transition from a forward-facing harness seat to a highback booster and afterward, in some circumstances, to a frameless booster, the IMMI Go adapts directly from a strapped seat to a backless stimulant, with no highback booster mode available. It is typically suggested that children who are beginning to ride in a supporter start with a highback supporter before progressing to a backless booster.
A highback booster frequently fits a younger child better and helps the youngster remember to stay in place longer than a backless supporter. As a result, while the IMMI Go elegantly combines two phases, those two stages are not always sequential, and the seat may not be utilized in the same manner as other combined seats. Instead of converting an outgrown strapped seat to a booster and using it for the same kid, a parent may choose to move the kid to a separate highback booster and send the Go down to the youngest child.

Immi Go Car Seat Specifications

Forward-Facing with Harness: For youngsters weighing 22-65 lbs (no and over 55 lbs when fastened with LATCH) and standing 31-52′′ tall. Harness sliders must be located at or above the child’s shoulders, and the front of the child’s ears must be located beneath the vehicle’s seat back and headrest.
Another condition is that the kid is at least a year old; nonetheless, it is not the best seat for a one-year-old. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, and other organizations highly advised that all children under the age of two ride rear-facing until they outgrew the rear-facing height or weight constraints of their convertible car seat.
Backless Booster: For usage with children aged four and above, weighing 40-100 pounds and standing 43-57 inches tall. The top of the child’s ears cannot be below the seat back or head strap of the vehicle.

Immi Go Car Seat Features

Immi Go Car Seat review Features
Immi Go Car Seat review: Features
  • The five-point harness mechanism is coupled to a flexible back that may fold up, requiring the use of the top tether to place the seat in harnessed mode.
  • Rethread-free harness
  • The adjustable headrest has energy-absorbing foam.
  • There are three crotch buckle positions.
  • Lower anchor connections with a premium push-on design that can also be utilized in backless booster mode.
  • Lightweight and tiny — can fit in an airline’s overhead bin
  • The lower hooks in strapped seat mode have a kid weight restriction of 55 pounds.
  • Life expectancy is six years.
  • Carrying case integrated with cushioned handle

Immi Go Car Seat Measurements

  • The lowest harness height option is 12 inches, but this varies based on the vehicle & installation technique.
  • The tallest harness height option is 17 inches, but this varies based on the vehicle and attachment technique.
  • Positions of the buckle on the crotch strap: There are three choices, 7.5 inches, 9 inches, and 10.5 inches from the rear of the seat.
  • 17-inch width from across armrests
  • 14-inch seat pan depth

Immi Go Car Seat Installation

If you have a seated position using lower LATCH anchors, the IMMI Go is incredibly simple to install. The push-on connections are simple to install, and the simple design of the seat makes it simple to provide the necessary leverage to tighten the LATCH straps. The IMMI Go fits so firmly and cleanly with the bottom anchors & top tether that it nearly seems like it is one as the car seat — much like an incorporated car seat. When you install it, you may even recline the car seatback up to 30 ° from vertical, increasing the child’s comfort.

Immi Go Car Seat Installation
Immi Go Car Seat Review: Installation

Seatbelt installation is significantly more complicated. The seatbelt must pass through two hook straps at the headrest as well as in front of the armrests. The seatbelt must then be adjusted and fastened. While it was not difficult for me to get a tight seatbelt installation, the technique is time-consuming and results in a bulge of taut headrest and car seat straps between the child’s back and the automobile seat back.

This also lowers the rear of the seat, resulting in a somewhat lower harness height when placed with the seatbelt vs when put with the lower hooks.  It would be fantastic if IMMI could rework the belt route and put a lock-off this onto the seat to improve seatbelt installation. However, if you have a sitting position with lower hooks and a youngster weighing less than 55 pounds, the inconvenient seatbelt installation becomes immaterial.


Overall, the IMMI Go is an excellent seat that offers a secure answer to certain demands that many parents have. We only suggest this seat if you could somehow install it using LATCH because seatbelt installation is difficult and may not end in a tight installation in some circumstances. Keep in mind that while using LATCH, the child’s maximum weight restriction is reduced to 55 lbs.
You can watch the review video below to know more ( Source: CarseatBlog youtube channel )