Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Should You Buy It?

Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Should You Buy It?

Irobot Roomba J7+ Review. Experience counts for a lot. That’s particularly true in the world of robot vacuums, where incremental technological advancements have resulted in smarter, more efficient bots that clean faster. Gone are the days when you had to worry about robot vacuums falling down the stairs or cleaning in one spot aimlessly. Today’s robot vacuums are far superior, but there is one major stumbling block.

Wires, cables, as well as other minor household clutter can still trip up the most powerful robot vacuums. As an innovator in the space, iRobot is attempting to address this widespread issue with its Roomba j7+. When it comes to experience, no one can match iRobot.

The Roomba j7+ not only has a self-emptying base, but it also has a camera to help it avoid obstacles. While there has been much discussion about how it can avoid troublesome wires on the floor, seeing is wanting to believe. If it can do this flawlessly, the weeks of precleaning may be over!

Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Setup

Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Setup
Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Setup

Unsurprisingly, the iRobot Roomba j7+ was simple to set up. Because everything was pre-assembled inside the packaging, all that was required was to delete the self-emptying base, link the charging cable, and dock the robot vacuum. Subtle improvements to the self-emptying foundation are worth mentioning, such as the fact that it has a significantly lower profile than any other self-emptying containers I’ve seen. A tiny nook inside the base stores an extra filter, bag, and side brush. I appreciate that because they are usually stored somewhere else and quickly forgotten.

When everything was unpacked as well as connected, all that remained was to launch the iRobot app on my phone and follow the instructions to connect it to my home’s Wi-Fi network. Because I’d earlier used the Roomba i3+, I expected it to at least copy over the map of my flat, but it didn’t. Rather, the Roomba j7+ vacuumed and actively mapped out my entire flat during the first run. I had to run it a few more times before it realized there was an obtainable path to the bedroom.

Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Software

The thing I love about iRobot’s app is how easy it is to use. After creating a map of my apartment, I can use the app to label the separate rooms, add dividers to differentiate one room from another, and set “keep out” zones to avoid the Roomba j7+ from trying to clean there.

The latter feature is useful if you have regions you don’t want the bot to disturb, such as the spot of pet bowls. The ability to customize the map in this way eliminates the annoyance of a robot vacuum simply rolling through an area and vacuuming everything in its path.

You can also program the Roomba j7+ to clean on its own schedule. I would still suggest adult supervision since you never know what might happen, especially if you have pets at home. You do not wish to come home and discover your cat’s tail caught in the robot vacuum while you were away.

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Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Obstacle recognition and avoidance

The Roomba j7+ is best prepared to detect and avoid obstacles thanks to its front-facing camera as well as Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence technology. It does a good job of avoiding tangled charging cables close outlets as well as power strips, but it’s not perfect. It failed to avoid obstacles on two occasions in particular: the first was a paper bag left on the floor, and the other was a stringed cat toy. I will say that when I positioned a charging cable in its path, it took a moment to assess it before continuing to clean it.

While not perfect, it is worth noting that the Roomba j7+ is currently trained to recognize cords, headphones, cables, and pet waste. Other clutter, such as socks and shoes will be added in the future via a software update to improve obstacle avoidance. In addition, ongoing training, as well as reviews, will assist the robot make better decisions while cleaning, so I’m confident that it will improve over time.

When it’s finished cleaning, you can review the cleaning history to see what obstacles it encountered. While it wasn’t perfect in seeking to avoid everything, I believe it will improve over time since reviewing the obstacles in the application will help train its vision. But, for the time being, I’d put the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ just marginally ahead of iRobot’s champion in terms of detection and avoidance.

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Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Cleaning efficiency

Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Cleaning efficiency
Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Cleaning efficiency

If there’s another thing you can count on from iRobot, it’s that its robot vacuums clean better than average. It collects dirt and debris from my hardwood floors with its side-sweeping as well as underside brushes. Since the side-sweeping brush rotates at a delicate speed, cat litter pieces are not flung in all directions, and the three-stage cleaning system but also 10x power-lifting suction tech capture all debris.

The Roomba j7+ is also a quick bot that doesn’t waste any time figuring out how to clean rooms. It navigates in traditional zigzag patterns, which makes it efficient and effective. Corners, as well as edges, are managed nicely as well, but I find that bumping into furniture can be a little aggressive.

Despite being an excellent hard floor cleaner, the Roomba j7+ falls short when it comes to carpets. Pet hair as well as other crumbs are conveniently sucked in by its defined as follows elastomeric brush, but I’m not convinced of its deep-cleaning efficiency on the carpet. It just doesn’t have the same deep clean feel that my bare feet get on carpet cleaning with cordless vacuums.

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Irobot Roomba J7+ Review: Battery life

Because my apartment is over 1,000 square feet, none of the robot vacuums I’ve tested have ever run out of battery power. The Roomba j7+ was vacuumed continuously for over 40 mins without a low battery warning. If the battery runs out, it will automatically return to the foundation to recharge.
It will also empty its dustbin into the self-emptying base. It roars like a jet plane at this point because it requires suction power to extract all of the contents. It could be described as deafening, so bear that in mind. The robot vacuum itself is modestly loud while cleaning, so if you’re concentrating on something, run it at a different time.

Our thought

The iRobot Roomba j7+, although not the revolutionary robot vacuum I was expecting, is an iterative model priced appropriately between the Roomba i3+ and s9+ at $850. It’s an intelligent, convenient, and feature-rich robot vacuum with a well-rounded cleaning efficiency that’s enhanced by its smarter avoidance as well as self-emptying system.