6 Best Benefits Of Water Aerobics For Seniors

6 Best Benefits Of Water Aerobics For Seniors

In addition to eating right, regular exercise to improve health is also very important in everyone’s daily life.

However, each age, each person will need their own exercise to suit their health status. So is the elderly. According to research by experts, water aerobics exercises are believed to bring the best benefits to the elderly. Here are 6 best benefits of water aerobics for seniors.

6 Best Benefits Of Water Aerobics For Seniors

1, What is water aerobics?

What is water aerobics
What is water aerobics?

Water aerobics is a low-impact workout that allows you to benefit from exercise without placing too much pressure on your joints. This exercise is suitable for elderly people with bone and joint diseases and helps them improve their health without causing any damage. 

In the hot weather of summer, water aerobics is also a great way to cool off for everyone. It not only helps to relieve the heat but also helps to improve health and fitness. Swimming is also a low-impact sport, so it is highly recommended for the elderly.

2, Benefits of water aerobics for seniors.

The water aerobics have many benefits for seniors, such as:
– Increase flexibility and improve heart and lung function. According to research by doctors in the United States, water exercises help the circulation of the heart and lungs become easier. Can reduce blood pressure, anti-atherosclerosis for the elderly.

– Increased strength. Research by LivHome has concluded that water exercises are as effective as weight training. When moving under water creates a drag and this helps the elderly to use more force. Strengthen them.

– Helps maintain balance and reduces the risk of falls. Research by LiveScience has shown that seniors who participate in swimming are less likely to fall than non-swimmers. Yes, swimming helps to coordinate your limbs and create balance when you are in the water. This has the effect of reducing the risk of tripping.

– Reduce joint pain as well as problems related to bones and joints. According to experts, water exercise provides resistance, so it can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Swimming can strengthen bone marrow density and this may help protect against osteoporosis. Elderly people (especially women) are at a higher risk of osteoporosis, and activities like swimming can reduce that risk.

– A popular activity that is not limited to any age group or skill level. Swimming is very good for health, even babies just a few months old have been encouraged by doctors to practice swimming and contact with water. So everyone can participate in water aerobics, not just the elderly.

– Improved morale. AquaMobile once concluded that swimming can reduce stress levels as well as increase the production of endorphins, thus increasing happiness. Elderly people often feel lonely, if they participate in swimming activities, it is also one of the ways to help them connect with more people, and bring joy and positivity to them.

Benefits of water aerobics for seniors
Benefits of water aerobics for seniors

Mrs. William Mary, 65, currently living in Canada, shared that she contracted covid 19 in early 2020, although she was very lucky because she was treated in time and recovered, but the sequelae after covid made her sick. Insomnia, the heart system and blood pressure are severely affected. After using many different medications but not helping, she consulted her doctor about participating in a water aerobics course. And the results were really surprising because after just over a month all her symptoms had disappeared. Her life became more joyful and her health improved markedly after participating in water aerobics.

That’s just one of many stories in the survey about the benefits of water aerobics for seniors. An elderly swimmer once said, “It’s never too late to incorporate physical activity into your life.” Chodzko-Zajko, 83 years old, is the oldest athlete in the Triumph Classics swimming tournament.

3, How should exercise be reasonable?

There is no denying the benefits that water aerobics brings to human health. However, we still need to have a thorough understanding before that so that the training can take place in the safest and most effective way.

How should exercise be reasonable?
How should exercise be reasonable?

– Consult a doctor or specialist before participating in any exercise program.
– Make sure to always have a companion or supervisor at the pool during your workout, preferably with a friend or with a personal trainer.
– Do not over-exercise. If there are any signs of health instability, immediately stop exercising and seek medical help.
– Learn and consider carefully the depth and water level of the pool. Warm up gently before entering the water and make sure the clothes are neat and easy to move.

Exercise and physical training are great ways to help us stay healthy, full of positive energy, and enjoy life. We hope our article “6 best benefits of water aerobics for seniors” was useful to you!
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