The Most Detailed City Travel Guides For Urban Explorers In New York City

City travel guides for urban explorers

Visiting New York for the first time and looking to get a general understanding of what you should consider? I’ll walk you through the city travel guides for urban explorers for your trip to New York below, step-by-step. There’s so much to see and do in New York, from famous attractions like the Empire State Building to the many interesting museums and New York-style food you’ve got to experience.

The Amazing City Travel Guides For Urban Explorers

Best Time To Travel To New York

City travel guides for urban explorers

Any time of year is a good time to visit New York, but for our city travel guides for urban explorers, the warm months are the best. New York City’s summers can get quite warm and muggy. So, for many people, April, June, as well as September, and October are the best months to visit New York.

It’s also a fun experience to spend Christmas or the pre-Christmas season in New York City. The city is celebrated, the ice rinks are open and a winter getaway is ideal if it snows!

Paying In New York

Almost anything may be purchased using a credit card, even little quantities. All hotels, stores, restaurants, and pubs accept credit cards. Do not yet possess one? then view this page to see which credit card is the finest to have in the USA.

Way To Travel In New York

City travel guides for urban explorers

While it may not sound like it at first, according to our city travel guides for urban explorers in NYC, exploring New York is actually quite simple. Finding your way around is simply because of the checkerboard layout of the street. The top ways to navigate New York are as follows:

  • Taxi: You have the option of using Uber or a Yellow Taxi in New York. You can read our blog post, Taxi in New York City, for all the advice and details you require.
  • Metro / Subway: The Subway is your friend if you have larger distances to travel because you can get about for very little money. It is simple to use! Every subway station sells the MetroCard. You can set a fixed fare for a week of travel in New York by purchasing a single ride or the well-liked MetroCard for 7 days. Further information about using the Metrocard in New York can be found here.
  • By bike: The bike rental is included with many New York sightseeing passes (you can learn more about this money-saving advice in my comparison of New York Passes). We really adore using Citi Bikes in New York. With over 1,000 stations spread out over New York City, this city bike program is incredibly affordable. In the article about Citi Bike New York, we’ll demonstrate how it functions.
  • On Foot: In New York, you’ll be astonished by how much walking you do. In any case, there is always something interesting to observe. Therefore make sure to wear supportive footwear!

What To See In New York?

What To See In New York

You should note on city travel guides for urban explorers that preparation is absolutely essential simply because there is so much to see in New York. I recommend buying tickets online in advance for attractions like the Empire State Building (here), Edge Hudson Yards lookout (here), or One World Observatory (here). This will not only save time waiting for the site, but you can be confident that you’ll be able to visit the places you want to see.

  • Observation decks: According to our city travel guides for urban explorers, there are no less than five prominent Lookouts in New York City, and each one is a marvel in itself. Edge Hudson Yards and One World Observatory are two of my favorites because they offer breathtaking views of New York City from above and allow you to see the Empire State Building. The Glass One Vanderbilt will be a great new option starting in late 2021.
  • Another thing about the Empire State Building: It’s often crowded because it’s New York’s most famous observation deck. Skip the morning crowds and choose Thursday, Friday, or Saturday if you really want to visit the Empire State Building in the evening. A saxophonist performed on the observatory during that time. Reservation of Skip-The-Line Tickets is essential. Then you can quickly avoid waiting for several hours!
  • Statue of Liberty: The trek to the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park is quite well-liked. Make sure you board the first ferry of the day to avoid lengthy waits. The top Statue of Liberty Cruises are available right now here.
  • Take a boat tour: Like being on vacation, New York is visible from the water. There are several options, including sailing cruises (beautiful), the NYC Ferry ($2.75 one-way), the Staten Island Ferry ($0), and the traditional sightseeing tours that come with all of the big New York pass.
  • From the Meatpacking District, stroll along the High Line to Hudson Yards.
  • The best time to see Times Square is in the evening when it is at its most spectacular.
  • Relax in Bryant Park or Central Park.
  • Plan no more than three activities each day. You don’t want to stress out when sightseeing, after all.

Where to Stay in New York?

Your preferences, how far you want to be to the attractions, and your travel budget will all affect which area is best for you. I’ve described my favorite New York neighborhoods in our city travel guides for urban explorers along with major nearby attractions.

And speaking of safety, you don’t need to worry about going out at night in any part of Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, or much of Queens. One of the safest cities in the world is New York City.

Manhattan: The most famous of them all is Manhattan, and it doesn’t get any more central than that. In addition, it has 95 percent of the tourist attractions that make up New York. You are at the center of it all, and everything is easily accessible. However, accommodation here is a bit more expensive than in Brooklyn or Queens.

Brooklyn: Brooklyn used to be the insider’s secret; today, its neighborhoods are “totally” regular. You’ll quickly realize one thing, though: because it’s more of a residential area, life is much more typical. It is equally as tranquil, lovely, and diverse as Manhattan. Above all, from here, you can admire the Manhattan skyline!

Queens: Although Queens is a little more “average” than Brooklyn, we’ve seen that it is gentrifying more and more recently. Because they are less expensive than hotels in Manhattan and offer a superb connection to the Subway, hotels in Long Island City—not to be confused with Long Island—are particularly well-liked. Queens is a fantastic alternative to Manhattan and Brooklyn.