Top 4 Best Rowing Machine For Apartment You Should Buy

Top 4 Best Rowing Machine For Apartment You Should Buy

Working out at home is very suitable if you don’t have time to go to the gym or are uncomfy doing your regular workouts in front of strangers. If you’re thinking about building a home gym, have included an indoor rowing machine.

However, to reap the full benefits of this workout, you must purchase the best indoor rowing machine. Given the abundance of options on the market, here is our top Best Rowing Machine For Apartment for you to consider.

Best Rowing Machine For Apartment

The following are the top ten quiet rowing computers for apartment buildings and small spaces:

Compact Rowing Machine

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine
Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine For Apartment: The Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine completes the list with its reasonably priced 1050 rower that operates on an adjustable hydraulic cylinder.
The machine has a sturdy steel frame and measures 58.25 x 42.5 x 18.125 inches when assembled, with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

For comfort and non-slip use, foam comfortable grips are connected to the handles, and an ergonomic molded seat provides the comfort needed to support your weight.


  • Monitor for LCD performance.
  • Arms fold down for compact storage.
  • Foot pedals with textured anti-slip surfaces and adjustable straps.
  • Rowing motion in its entirety.

As previously stated, Stamina is the industry leader in producing low-cost, high-quality rowers, and 1050 comes with a 1-year frame warranty and a 90-day parts warranty.

Rowing Machine for Small Spaces

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205

If you’re on a tight budget, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 rower is your best bet because it’s so cheap. Regardless, it is well-equipped and also is powered by a cylinder with 12 extendable resistance levels.

The machine’s inclined design provides an important cardiovascular workout even while improving knee, shoulder, and hip joint mobility. It also has a small footprint, taking measurements of 54 x 20 x 23 inches, and therefore can carry up to 220 pounds.


  • The performance metrics are displayed on an LCD monitor.
  • Seat cushioned for comfort.
  • Foot pedals with textured surfaces and adjustable foot straps.
  • Handles are padded with foam.

Sunny Health and Fitness guarantee your body fitness success with a 3-year frame structure warranty and a 180-day parts guarantee, giving you several safety for your investment.

Upright Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride
Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride

Sore calves are one issue that perhaps the Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride solves. It is designed to contain your glutes as well as thigh muscles, making it ideal for everyone looking to improve their squat routines. This fitness equipment is ideal for toning your lower back muscles without causing pain in your legs or upper back. That is why it is one of the top 4 Best Rowing Machine For Apartment.


When set up, it involves measuring 36.5 inches long by 19 inches in width by 37 inches high, and when folded, it measures 9.5 inches in length by 19 inches wide by 56 inches in height. It weighs approximately 24.5 pounds, which is impressive given that it can endorse up to 220 pounds of actual weight.

Product information

  • Design that saves space
  • Adjustable ergonomic handlebar with numerous grips and grip roles
  • Extra padding on the adjustable seat
  • Foot pedal with self-leveling and textured surface to enhance footing
  • Calories, count, time, and total count are all tracked on a digital monitor.
  • Three adjustable resistance bands provide approximately 22 lbs of resistance per squat depth, which is adjustable due to the flexible saddle angle.
  • Construction of aluminum alloy and alloy steel

Product guarantee

All parts of this lighter-weight squat-assist Row-N-Ride are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Concerning the brand

Sunny Health & Fitness is a fitness equipment distributor and importer based in Los Angeles and Xiamen. The company sells fitness and health products around the world and has a decade of experience catering to gym goers of all levels. They provide far more competitive rates as well as access to a large network of producers dealing in various types of workout equipment.

Small Rowing Machine

Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine
Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

If you have a small home gym, the Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms should be your first choice because it is only 48 inches long, 32.5 inches wide, and 27.75 inches tall.

Despite its small shape, this unit offers a comprehensive range of rowing movements that is very close to real rowing on water.

However, because of its small size, the machine has been designed to accommodate a maximum weight of 250 pounds, and if you fall into this category, you will have thick, slightly thicker as well as pivoting footplates for comfort.


  • Hydraulic cylinder opposition with tension controls that can be adjusted.
  • Distance, row count, time, speed, and other performance measures are displayed using a single button.
  • Aluminum frame with roller bearing rollers.
  • Lightweight and compact (weighs only 47 pounds).
  • It’s simple to put together and has straightening arms for convenient storage.
  • Stamina is well-known for producing inexpensive, compact, and useful indoor rowing machines, and this one is no exception. To make things even better, the product comes with a 5-year frame warranty and a 90-day warranty on other parts.

In conclusion

Essentially, this machine simulates rowing through water, providing a thorough exercise that sculpts your glutes, back, and hamstrings while also continuing to improve your aerobic fitness. Hope that this article will help you choose the Best Rowing Machine For Apartment easily and quickly.